The main goal of Mei Modiin during an emergency is to continue to provide regular water service throughout the city. Listed below are the actions that Mei Modiin will take in order to ensure continued water services either through the pipeline or by using water distribution stations while repairing the infrastructure as quickly as possible.

Interruptions in Water Supply

In this situation, water supply difficulties may be due to the decrease in pressure as a result of damage to the electricity in the city and beyond. Water distribution depends on electrical power.
According to national guidelines, water will be limited per person per day to 80 liters for all needs.
  • Mei Modiin will manage water around the city so the interruption to resident’s daily routine is kept to a minimum.
  • In residential areas, water will be provided on an alternating system.
Residents will be required to reduce watering their gardens, washing cars and other activities that consume a lot of water but are not critical to perform during an emergency situation.

Water Pipes Unusable in Certain Neighborhoods

In this situation, damage has been made to the pipes that lead to residential areas making it impossible for water to flow normally. There may also be situations where the waste water infiltrates into the regular water pipes preventing some neighborhoods from using tap water until the problem is solved.

According to national guidelines, water will be limited per person per day to 20 liters for all needs.

Mei Modiin and the municipality will work closely together to distribute water to the affected areas by setting up water distribution stations. The stations run through portable containers and are available throughout the city at predetermined locations. Residents will be asked to access the nearest station to get their water. (It is recommended to bring additional containers from home.) Mei Modiin and the city will do their best to deal with each scenario.

Water Distribution Stations

Water Pipes Unusable throughout the City

This situation is the most severe in which it may be necessary to distribute water to the entire city at the same time. This may be due to extensive damage to infrastructure or alternatively, fear of significant water pollution.

Every resident will be allocated 4 liters of water a day for drinking only (amount of water is determined by national policy according to the per capita drinking minimum.)

Water will be distributed to residents in five water tanks in a similar manner to what was detailed in emergency situation 4 - distribution stations will be set up throughout the city.

In addition, to reduce the state of crisis and allow distribution, bottled mineral water will be given out by the water authority and will be distributed to large retail chains.