Address Water Leaks
How to Address a Water Leak
  • Check Water Meter
    Check the water meter's red number, which represents hundreds of liters. Check the water meter twice – at midnight and at 6:00 in the morning - and don't use any water between the midnight and 6:00 am readings.

  • Check Meter Ownership
    Make sure the water meter is associated with your apartment. Turn on the cold and hot taps and check to ensure the meter is moving in both cases.

  • Check Water Sources
    Check all possible sources of water leaks, including lawn pipes, all drinking faucets, hot water boiler (dud shemesh), etc.

  • Call a Professional
    If there is a sign of a leak, call a professional to assist in finding the source of the leak.

Request Water Meter Inspection

If there is a concern that the water meter is not working, please contact us to check the water meter. Our fee as set by the Water Authority is 118.82 NIS (including VAT) for a residential meter and 159.84 NIS (including VAT) for a central water meter.

Request Water Meter Inspection

Request Water Bill Reduction Due to Water Leaks

In the case of a water leak, the law requires Mei Modiin to reduce the charge (there is no reimbursement for hiring a private repair person), according to the following condition:

  • In a situation where an excessive amount of water leaked, meaning, over 150% (1.5 times) of the amount used the previous year or if there is data from the previous year, of the average last two payment periods (no more than 67 days within a specific period).
  • The consumer complained to Mei Modiin within six months from the end of the period the water leakage began.
  • The consumer did not receive a credit due to a water leak of an apartment water meter within a period of one year from the present leakage or a credit within two years due to a water leakage from a central water meter.

The consumer needs to file Water Leak Report Form and declare that the leak was excessive and corrected. Attach documentation proving the leak has been fixed. In a situation where the leak was not fixed by a professional, the consumer needs to write a thorough description of fixing the leak.

Report Water Leak

Procedure for Receiving Credit for a Leak

After the Water Leak Report Form has been submitted with proper documentation, Mei Modiin will check the period the customer claims there was a leak with the previous year’s water consumption.

In a situation where water consumption increased by at least 150% and all the above conditions are met, the customer will receive credit for the difference between the normal fee and the fee due to the leak less 7.69 NIS + VAT (the leakage fee that is dictated to Mei Modiin for the consumers of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut).

The fee varies from time to time according to the istructions of the water authority.

Excessive Water Consumption Not Due to a Leak

According to the Water Authority, water use will be determined as excessive according to the following conditions:

The amount of water consumed measured by the water meter has to be equal to or above 200% of the previous year’s consumption or if such data does not exist, the two previous charging periods (no more than 67 days in a period).

Procedure in a Case of an Excessive Amount of Water Consumed Not due to a Water Leak

In situations where an excessive amount of water is consumed, it is at the discretion of the Water Authority to reduce the water bill under the following conditions:When water consumption is very excessive, double or more the regular amount (from the consumption of the previous year or when there is no data from the previous year, from the last two bill periods) and the amount is not reduced below 60 cubic meters of the water meter of a single apartment and 60 cubic meters times the number of apartments for a central water meter.

The following request form must be submitted within 35 days from when the water bill was sent. Approval for this kind of credit for a single residence or central water meter has not been made in the past.

Request Excessive Water Consumption Credit

Tightening a Dripping Tap Saves Water

A dripping tap is a waste of an expensive commodity and one should be careful to stop such waste even if the drip is not apparent in reading the water meter. In order to measure how much water is being wasted, put a bowl or mug under the drip to collect the water. One can check how many minutes it takes to fill the bowl or mug. A tap that leaks 60 drips a minute will cause a loss of 12 liters a day or 4,630 liters a year. A dripping tap will fill a 1/4 liter mug within 30 minutes.