Understand Water Rates
Water Rates in Israel

The water rates in Israel are determined by the Government and the Water and Sewage Authority and are the same for all cities and towns in the country.

In January 2014, the Water Authority changed water rates to the following:

  • Rate A - up to 7 cubic meters per person for 60 days: Rate per cubic meter -7.533  NIS before VAT.
  • Rate B - over 7 cubic meters per person for 60 days: Rate per cubic meter - 12.123 NIS before  VAT.
  • Rates for Businesses: Business are charged at a higher rate of 12.123 NIS before VAT

The rates vary from time to time according to the instructions of the water authority.

Water Authority - Explanation of Water Rates

Water Rates for Disabled

As determined by the Knesset Finance Committee, a disabled person recognized by National Insurance (Bituach Leumi), is eligible for an additional 3.5 cubic meters of water at the lower monthly rate.

The list of eligible parties is a sealed list that is transferred to Mei Modiin by the National Insurance Institute. The Water Authority and Mei Modiin are unable to change this list.

According to the Knesset Finance Committee, the following are specific groups that are eligible for benefits:

  • Pensioners, as defined under section 251 of the National Insurance (New Version) 1995 (hereafter - the National Insurance Act).
  • Aid recipients at a rate of at least 150% according to the National Insurance law.
  • Special needs recipients according to the National Insurance law.
  • Mobile disability recipients according to the National Insurance law.
  • Disabled child recipients according to the National Insurance law.
  • Disability benefits recipients who have an established medical disability of at least 70% according to the National Insurance law.

Benefits will appear on the water bill and will be given retroactively.

Water Authority - Benefits

For inquiries and questions, call the Water Authority information center: 072-2755440.

Number of People in a Household

The importance of updating the number of people living in one household is critical for calculating the amount of water to which you are entitled.

In order for water bills to reflect the number of people per residential unit, please fill in the appropriate form with the updated number of people and send it to Mei Modiin. Please attach a copy of one of the following: both sides of your ID card (teudat zehut), passport, legal permits or ID work permit.

If the ID card lists an address that is not located in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, you must attach confirmation of non-allocation of water from the recorded address – from a water/local authority acting in the same residence, as written on the ID card.

By law, it is the responsibility of the consumer to update the number of people in a household.

Entitlement will apply from the date the form was submitted to Mei Modiin in accordance with Article 23 regulations of the Water and Sewage (calculating the cost of water and sewer services and the establishment of water or sewage system) - 2009.

By law, credit for an increase in people may be given retroactively up to two periods back from the statement.

Water Bill Appeals

Upon receipt of the bill, check all the details. Water Bill Appeals will be handled according to the guidelines set forth by the Water Regulations and Rules of Water and Sewage. According to Article 108 of the Water and Sewage Law 2001, the Government Water and Sewage Authority will inquire into consumer complaints to Mei Modiin, provided that the consumer turned first to Mei Modiin.