Israel is under constant threat, which may also affect water and sewage use.

Mei Modiin and the city of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut hold regular emergency sessions on potential water issues.

Here you will find various emergency situations with advice on how to handle them should the need arise. You will also find information about the routine exercises that we conduct.

Prepare for Emergency Situations

Emergency Situations and How to Deal with Them

Water Distribution Stations

Emergency Information on The Water Authority Website

Store Water

In order to minimize the amount of stress during an emergency, and the need to leave your home, we recommend that every household store 4 liters of water per person per day, for three days (it does not have to be mineral water, water from the sink will suffice).

You should refresh bottled sink water once a month with fresh water. Bottled mineral water should be used by the date on the label.

Maintain Home Sanitation Kits

In addition to storing water bottles, it is recommended to keep a sanitation kit which includes basic products for daily use. The kit should be kept in a dark, cool and dry secured room or in the room designated as the emergency room such as a “sealed room”:

Recommended supplies include:

  • Package of wet wipes or anti-bacterial gel – to be used for personal hygiene in lieu of water.
  • Disposable paper goods and paper towels – to be used when you can’t wash dishes.
  • Garbage bags – to maintain a clean environment and to prevent environmental hazards.
  • Sanitation bag – sanitation needs. Can be purchased on specialized web sites.

Sanitation Kit Brochure