All water consumed in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut is procured from Mekorot. Mekorot sources water from drilling in the mountain aquifer, the national carrier, or desalination facilities, in line with the national water supply policy.

For notifications regarding changes in water sources from Mekorot, please refer to their communications.


Information from the Mekorot Company Regarding Desalinated Water

The drinking water supplied to residents through Israel's water system meets the highest sanitary standards set by the Ministry of Health.

Water Quality Tests

Mei-Modiin regularly conducts water quality tests performed by certified employees trained by the Ministry of Health. (Please note that as of August 26, 2014, water fluoridation has ceased according to public health regulations by the Mekorot company.)

Additional Details Regarding the Cessation of Fluoridation

Water quality testing samples are conducted in alignment with the Ministry of Health's annual plan. These samples are dispatched to the Ministry's laboratory, which notifies us of any deviations in water quality.

Additionally, chemical tests are conducted to detect metals, turbidity, and other factors. These tests are outsourced to an external laboratory, and the results are then forwarded to the Ministry of Health.

Water samples are collected from the source connections, storage ponds, and municipal pipe networks in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.

The chemical components in the water sources are tested based on the population size and distribution, following the guidelines outlined in the Ministry of Health's drinking water regulations.

The Ministry of Health has introduced a new online system called "My Water" to showcase the water quality within the water supply network and at the outlets of national desalination and filtration facilities.
This allows for transparent access to water quality data in residential areas, based on a sampling plan that covers points representing the water quality across various areas of the city.

“My Water” System

It Is Also Possible to Perform Water Quality Tests in Your Home

The water quality in the city is excellent. Drink tap water!

Water Quality Reports in the City

2019 Water Pool Disinfection Approval

2018 Water Pool Disinfection Approval

2017 Water Pool Disinfection Approval

2016 Water Pool Disinfection Approval

2015 Water Pool Disinfection Approval

2014 Water Pool Disinfection Approval