Get Water Bill Explained

All regulations are set by the Israeli Water Authority.

Water Usage

Water consumption is determined by water meter readings. The difference between the current reading and the previous reading determines the amount of consumption in units of cubic meters at the day it is read. To allow for a proper water reading, please ensure that there is proper access to the meter. If there are not good conditions to read the meter,  we will assess  the water consumption in accordance with the water regulations.

Minimum Charge

By law, clients are charged a minimum of 3 cubic meters of water every two months, even if the actual consumption was less.
Consumption Charged by an Associated Meter (Private Consumption)

The amount charged according to the meter reading reflects the consumption according to units (ex. residence or store). This consumption should be added together.

Shared Consumption (Measuring Differences)

Measuring differences are the difference between the amount from a specific period from the main water meter property to the total amount that passed through all other water meters associated with the property during that time. In the residential sector this difference is pided equally between all residential units and is added to the private consumption bill. The reasons for shared consumption are varied. The most common reason is the direct usage of the main pipes for such as washing the stairwell, watering the garden or plumbing leaks.

Responsibility for the Water System

Mei Modiin is responsible for the municipal water system to the building’s main water meter, and responsible for private homes to the private water meters. Responsibility for proper functioning of the private water system falls on the consumer, including the loss of water due to leaks or accessories that are not normal.

Water Rates

Water rates are uniform throughout the country and are determined by the Water Authority. According to law, water and sewer rates since 2009 for residential consumption have two water tariffs only: Reduced rate (refer to your bill, rate 1) and a higher rate (see rate 2).

Water Authority - Water Rates in Israel

Assessment (Code 1) and the Additional Consumption

When the meter reading is abnormal as a result of a broken meter, stoppage, or other, Mei Modiin may by law provide an estimate or an additional fee in accordance with the circumstances of the case.

High Consumption

In accordance with the new water regulations, water corporations are required to report to consumers if their consumption rises 1.3 to 1.5 times the amount of the consumption in the same period from the previous year.

Accredited Number of Persons 

The number of people recognized in a residential unit, is the number of people living in a residence, as stated in a declaration in writing onto Mei Modiin. Attached must be an updated ID card with a correct address including the amount of people that live at that residence. You must separately attach the ID card of all children over the age of 18. The form for the declaration of the amount of people living in one home can be obtained at the Mei Modiin office or download form. By law, water consumers who do not submit this declaration will have their bill calculated as if two people live in the residence.

Declare Number of Residents in Home

Water Bill Payment

The water bill must be paid according to the date on the bill. Failure to pay on time, will result in interest charges according to the law. Please note: failure to pay will result in payment for the costs of enforcement, lawsuits and cutting off the water meter.

Appealing a Water Bill

Upon receipt of the bill, check all the details including dates for submission of appeals at the expense of the water corporation. The appeal will be handled according to the guidelines set forth by the Water Regulations and Rules of Water and Sewage. Appealing a bill cannot be grounds for failure to pay the water bill. According to Article 108 of the Law Water and Sewage 2001, the Government Water and Sewage Authority will inquire into consumer complaints to the water and sewage corporation, provided that the consumer turned first to Mei Modiin.